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Are you a Girl Scout Troop looking to get your Jewelery Badges?
We teach these four Jewelers Badge Skills:

#1 Get to Know the Tools of the Trade
  Learn about our expert's materials & tools
  Take a tour of our store with our owner, learn about why she started a jewelry business and what makes it so fun
  Are you thinking about reselling your jewelry?  We can talk to your group about pricing your pieces fairly.

#2 Make Jewelery with Metal
  Make a pendant with a photo - Mixed Media Pendants
  "cage" stones - Bird's Nest Pendants 
  Make earrings by twisting wire into shape

#3 Turn Everyday Objects into Jewelry
  Make jewelry from recycled man-made materials - Upcycled Pop Can Necklaces
  Make jewelry from natural objects, such as rocks or sea glass - Twisted Treasures

#4 Make a Beautiful Gift
  Several of our classes include the opportunity to make more than one thing to give away to someone you like!
  Make jewelry for a friend
  Make jewelry for a group of people
  Make jewelry for a relative

​Bird's Nest Pendants, Pop Can Necklaces and Twisted Treasures classes start at $200 for 8 and include most supplies.  Mixed Media Pendants classes start at $275 for 8 and includes all supplies.  

Do you have a larger group?  Call us for group discounts.  

Ready to schedule or do you have more questions?

Give us a call at 303-861-6823 and ask for Anne

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