If the last jewelry project you made called for macaroni (mmm... macaroni), your crafting skills may be a little rusty. Not to worry, assembling your own beautiful jewelry is easier than ever today, as long as you have the tools and know-how to put together long-lasting and professional-looking pieces. Our beading and wire wrapping classes give you the ABCs in all non-pasta-related areas with just a two-hour jewelry class.  It’s OK if you’re low on supplies: most tools are provided and if you have no beads to bring from home, you can buy some at the store prior to the class.  

Interested in a beading party? Let us know! We'd love to be there!
Beginner – these classes are perfect for those with little to no subject experience. These classes are tons of awesome and are entry level or just for fun/project classes.

Novice – you should know a bit about the subject and have a smidge of experience to take these classes. If you're really set on a particular class, you can probably tough it out, but just be aware that it's going to require some extra patience.  

Intermediate – Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? These classes are great for those with experience and some prerequisite skills.

Legendary – you've got it going on and you're looking to take your super skills to the next level. Classes in this level are difficult and do have prerequisite skills that you must know before you take them, check out the class description to check those pre-reqs out.

Please read all class policies prior to registering

We keep our classes plenty small to give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as needed and get all the support you need to really understand the technique and create a beautiful piece.  In most cases, you'll leave each class with a spectacular piece of jewelry that you made yourself!

General Class policies:

Class fees are due at time of registration.

Class run times are listed on each class registration page, please plan to stay for the entire length of time.

Arrive to class on time (a little early is nice, too) and with any supplies that you need.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will not be able to catch you up with the rest of the class. We consider this to be a cancellation. You will not be allowed to attend class nor will you receive a class credit. (Get here on time, seriously, please... we're begging you.)

All students are assumed to have any prerequisite skills listed on the class description. If a class is a beginner level class, no prerequisite skills are required. Most of our classes are beginner or novice level classes and they are all a ton of fun. Don't be nervous. We're so excited to Share. with you.

Classes are for adults (15+) unless otherwise noted. Some exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances. Please call if you have any questions about this. If you're looking for kid specific classes, look for the notation (birds), this means you're welcome to bring your little birdies with you! All class prices are per person prices, when you register, make sure you register for the total number of people you're bringing. Children under 15 must have chaperones - 1 adult for every 3 children.

Our instructors are awesome, most of your classmates will be fantastic. Please treat everyone and everything with respect and thoughtfulness. We want everyone involved to have meaningful experiences.

If you have special needs, please let us know ahead of time so we can make all necessary accommodations.

Cancellation policy:

​Once you register for a class, it's your job to show up. We understand that life happens, and if something comes up, let us know as soon as possible. To receive a class credit, you MUST cancel at least 7 days in advance. This is non-negotiable. Our teachers need to plan ahead, especially if they're purchasing supplies for you, so please let us know as soon as possible if something changes and you're not able to make it. Class credits can be used on any class you choose later on. You are welcome to sell your ticket or give it away as well. If a class is canceled, you will receive a refund.

If a class is a series of classes, the series is purchased in its entirety. If you are unable to attend the FULL series, let us know at least seven days before the first class date of the series. You will receive a credit to be used towards future classes. We will not issue refunds for class series. You may not sell or give your ticket away if you are not able to attend a class in a series.​

What class should you start with?

Well, it depends on what you want to learn.  

Are you just starting and want to learn the basics?

If you want to make necklaces and earrings, start with the Foundations Introduction to Beading class.  

In our Earring Party classes, you'll learn how to make multiple pairs of fancy and fun earrings.

Do you already know how to make basic necklaces and earrings and want to grow your skills more?  Our Peace by Piece necklace class works on combining multiple techniques to make one beautiful necklace.  

If you're interested in learning to pearl knot, check out our Tying the Knot class.

Do you want to get started with wire working?  
If you're not really sure what type of wire wrapping you'd like to do, we recommend starting with the Wire Workshop: wire for beginners.  We also offer the Caps and Coils, if you've done a bit of wire wrapping before. Many of the techniques you'll learn in this class will translate to dozens of other projects and classes.

Do you want to create wire pendants?  
The Caged Stone Pendant class and the Twisted Treasures classes are good places to start. The Caged Stone Pendant is great for manufactured cabochons, stones that are fairly flat and symmetrical.  The Twisted Treasures class is specifically for found objects or crystal points, you'll create a wire net to hold your treasure.

Are you interested in Metal Stamping?
Take the Metal Stamping class.  We also have a Metal Stamping - Play open studio for people who already know how to metal stamp but don't want to make the large investment in all of their supplies yet.

We also offer several other project specific classes that are all beginner level.  In these classes you'll learn one specific project (such as a wire wrapped tree, how to create leather wrapped bracelets, or how to make pendants from glass tiles).  

Are you still not sure?  Stop on in the store or give us a call at 303-861-6823 and we'll be happy to talk to you more about what would be the best fit for you.
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What are people saying about our classes?
"We had a great time with a great instructor!! And our project turned out beautiful!"

"I had a great time in class, and plan to take more classes. Thanks for being so nice, and so much fun."

"You are tres faboo! I met a new friend and three of us will be back for another class! Thank you."

"The class was really fun. Instructor knowledgeable and patient.. I would go again."

"Wonderful, patient teacher! Staff made this opportunity fun & took out the intimidation factor for me."

" I had an amazing experience! The class was fun and I really learned a lot! Not to mention, I went home with a beautiful piece of home made jewelry. I would recommend it to anyone!"

"The class was a ton of fun! I will definitely go back and take another. :)"

" It was so much fun! We had a blast and the jewelery turned out great!"

"The employees at Colorado Bead Co were so fun and knowledgeable! They gave us a lot of information and made the class very fun. I will be returning for another class soon! "

"Was so much fun and I ended up with a necklace I will actually wear a lot."

"The teacher, Anne, was engaging and knowledgeable. The class was hands on and fun with guaranteed success!"

"Kody was a great teacher! My 2 daughters and I had a great times. I'll definitely be taking add'l classes in the future."

"Great instructor. Nice to wear something home from the class."

"We had a blast! We will be back for other classes."

"Owner is knowledgeable, helpful and fun! Great to be with a group of women, creating and getting inspired by one another!"

"The class was fun and the instructor was very good. She made it very enjoyable for all.Thanks and look forward to the next class !"

"Tons of fun and really enjoyed the instructor. Will return!"

" Anne is a great teacher. She really knows what she is doing. I plan on going back for more classes."

"Loved Anne and the class! Highly recommend it. "

"It was fun and very laid back. As the only guy there I was a bit intimidated, but it was nice. I definitely recommend it."

"Anne was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Enjoyed the class VERY much and will return for more classes and buy merchandise. THANKS!  "

"Anne was awesome and the class was so much fun!"

" I had a wonderful time. The class was great, the store was cool and Anne is awesome.  "

"They were great!! Loved the owner and the class :o) Thanks!"

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