Hometown:  Fort Collins, Colorado

Years of Experience:  Over twenty.

She's an expert in: color and design.  

Colorado Bead Company jewelry making classes that she teaches:  Earring Party, Foundations, Knotty Knots Pearl Knotting, Mixed Media Pendants, Reno Leather Wrapped Bracelet, Sundown Earrings and Wire Wrapped Stone Bracelet.  

Favorite jewelry to make: Pearl knotting is my favorite, I like how those tiny tiny knots can really enhance a piece and how fun it is.  It's my happy place.  

Fun fact about Anne:  I love drinking fancy, fruity white teas.

Meet Aimee!  She's our in house metal maven; whether it's wire jewelry work and metal stamping, she's a pro!

Hometown:  Santa Barbara, California

Years of Experience:  Two years.

She's an expert in: experimentation.  You want to try something new?  She's your gal! 

Colorado Bead Company jewelry making classes that she teaches:  Bird's Nest Rings/Pendants, Branching Out Wire Tree, Caged Stone Pendants, Metal Stamping, Twisted Treasures , Wrapped Around Your Finger wire rings.

Favorite material to make jewelry with:

Favorite gem:

Fun fact about Aimee: 

Want more?  You can check out her jewelry at Titus2Designs.  

Sarah is our newest bead store team member (joining us in November, 2012) and we're so happy to have her!  She brings so much fun to the store.  She's got some great ideas and a wonderful creative mind, keep an eye on this one!

Hometown:  El Paso, Texas.

Years of Jewelry Making Experience:  About two years.

She's an expert in: wire work and wire wrapping.

Colorado Bead Company jewelry making classes that she teaches:  None yet.  :)  Soon... soon...

Favorite material to make jewelry with:  I really like making jewelry with wire and stones.  I really like the metaphysical properties of stones and what the right stones can do for your body and mind.  

Favorite gem:  Rainbow moonstone!  It's so pretty.

Fun fact about Sarah:  ¡Yo hablo español!

Want more?  You can check out jewelry on her Facebook page - Serendipity Designs.

Debbie is our resident financial expert.  She handles all of our taxes, bills, payroll... etc.  She's amazing, we couldn't get paid without her!

Hometown:  Grover, Colorado

Years of Jewelry Making Experience:  Three years.

She's an expert in: Making the money work.

Favorite material to make jewelry with:  I like making jewelry with interesting colors and patterns.  I like animal print beads a lot and mixing patterns.  

Favorite gem:  Australian Chrysoprase.

Fun fact about Debbie: She's ambidextrous. 
Picture coming soon!

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